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VIA Mission training

1) DEW Class I
2) DEW Class II
3) DEW Class III
4) DEW Teacher Class
5) Short-term Mission Class
6) Staff Traing Class
7) MMCCh Training and Internship

Please use “contact” link or send e-mail to for further questions about training and schedules.


VIA Authorized Pastoral Schools

OMSK Russia/ started on June 1999
Moscow Russia/ started on August 1999
Beijing China/ started on November 1999
YWAM Great Kosh South Africa/ started on December 2000
Aukland Newzeland/ started on September 2000
Kalmykia Russia/ started on September 2000
Honduras/ started on March 2001
El Salvador/ started on July 2001
Cambodia/ October 2001
Turkey/ started on August 2003
Cameroon/ started on August 2004
Kiev Russia/ started on Sept 2004
Dushanbe/ started on February 2006

Note: Students holds graduation certificate from VIA approved schools please contact VIA office for further MMCCh implementation in your country.

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